Handling assistant (MAXO-MS-HA) / Concept study

  • Yellow robot arm of the Handling Assistant from above, next to it a crate with raw material

The handling assistants are mobile, autonomous and cooperative robots which can be used in many different ways. Whether in production during automated machine loading and unloading or in assembly during the joining process: Thanks to their "Human Robot Cooperation" (HRC) functionality, they support human abilities and considerably reduce physical exertion required of your employees.

Our offer

Your benefits

  • Optimum relief

    thanks to the integrated robot gripper arms, workers are relieved of physically strenuous work steps
  • Smooth process sequence

    thanks to state-of-the-art navigation, positioning and communication technologies
  • Fast and wear-free travel

    via the MOVITRANS® contactless inductive energy transmission, which can be used as a line cable and for point charging


Highly automated guided vehicle system, on which there is a yellow KUKA robot with gripper arm and control unit, deployed against a white background
Handling assistant (MAXO-MS-HA001) up to 10 kg
Handling assistant (MAXO-MS-HA001) up to 10 kg
  • Optimized support of human capabilities by means of a mobile, autonomous, cooperative robot
  • Diverse array of potential uses thanks to a variety of grippers:
    • Assembly and joining processes
    • Automated machine loading
    • Automated machine unloading
  • Mobile platform for maximum flexibility

Technical data

  • Dimensions: L = 1000 mm, W = 850 mm, H = 900 mm
  • Weight: Min. 500 kg
  • Payload: Max. 10 kg
  • Speed: Max. 1 m/s
  • Robot speed: 2 m/s (linear)
  • Positioning accuracy: +/-2 mm
  • Lift:
  • Power supply: Inductive charging, energy storage unit
  • Navigation: Inductive/RFID*, optical/RFID*, Gyro-Sensor**, based on QR code camera
  • Communication: WLAN

*RFIDradio-frequency identification

***Gyro Sensor – Sensor that measures and reacts to the smallest accelerations, rotary movements or position changes

A robot arm assumes physically strenuous work

Mobile handling assistants with different robot gripper arms are used in the Smart Factory to relieve the workload of the staff. They can be used in production in a variety of ways. In the production area, for example, handling assistants with magnetic grippers can assume the physically stressful "reaching into the crate". They thereby remove unsorted unmachined parts and blanks from crates and place them on a feed belt. After machining, another handling assistant collects the finished parts and converts them for the next work step.

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