Start planning now for tomorrow with virtual reality

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In Industry 4.0, digitalization extends across all business processes. Companies are becoming smart; however, they are doing so without eliminating human labor. Work is being reinvented, and teams from various disciplines will monitor processes and intelligently direct value creation. Virtual reality helps.

The tight integration of production processes with a modern IT environment constitutes the foundation for a modern smart factory. By applying this production philosophy, Industry 4.0 will bring about a future convergence of the real and virtual worlds. With virtual reality, you are in the middle of it all. This approach promises to lead to completely new production methods and processes. The new feature of this approach is that, not only do machines and integrated systems communicate with each other, but all systems are intelligently linked through Industry 4.0, allowing them to exchange information in real time with the products to be manufactured.

Your benefits

  • Perfectly visualize plants

    by simulating your plant blueprints down to the last detail, and then walk around your plant with VR glasses
  • Optimize process sequences

    because, with VR, you can identify planning errors and any necessary improvements with your customer at an early stage.
  • Ensure ergonomics

    by accurately analyzing assembly workplaces in the virtual world, and then precisely tailoring them to the workers

Discover the plant of the future now with VR

See into the future with virtual reality
See into the future with virtual reality
See into the future with virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR) lets you plan, and then virtually immerse yourself in, a new plant, even before building your production environment. This is made possible by faithfully simulating and emulating the individual process steps in the virtual space. Software then creates a fully simulation of your plant, and you can "immerse yourself" immediately in your plant using VR glasses. The virtual reality simulation is so intelligent that the assistance systems will respond to your position – if you block the route, the assistants will stop, just as they will in the real plant in the future. The assistants will not continue to move until you move to another position in the simulated VR production area.

Material flow visualization

We are using our real-time VR simulations as early as possible in the planning phase to check the plants, processes and workflows together with the customer before they are constructed or put into operation. This has the considerable advantage that any errors can be identified and quickly eliminated as early as possible in the planning phase. It also gives rise to customized solutions early on, which customers can implement in cooperation with us. This makes processes more reliable, and any wastage can be identified early on.

We create a digital twin of your plant in virtual reality, based on real environmental, production and design data that exactly reflects the processes of the real, planned plant. The VR simulation can be used in such a way that all processes, even in regard to the controller, can be optimized until a perfect state is attained. Thanks to virtual reality, each detail of the plant is accessible and can be tested.

If the customer approves the plant at this point in the process, we start transferring the data obtained from the simulation to the real system. Not only does this significantly decrease the time required for startup, but it also minimizes risks.

Workplace planning

Virtual workplaces allow for precise planning of the workplaces of tomorrow. Ergonomics and efficiency are currently being planned and analyzed in the virtual world. In the education and training sector, this allows people to train now in the workplaces of tomorrow.

Product planning

Today, virtual reality is already being used to plan and visualize future products. Virtual product training now also allows you to train people today on the products of tomorrow.

Visualize the processes of tomorrow, today

Providing visual support to the Sales and Marketing department in the sales process helps to delight customers, because nothing wins people over as much as being able to virtually immerse yourself in the factory of tomorrow and virtually behold and evaluate the most complex processes yourself.

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