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Changeover to new PK (PT1000) temperature sensor


Following the product phase-out of the KTY temperature sensor by manufacturer NXP, SEW-EURODRIVE is now changing over its motors and electronic products to the PK (PT1000) – the new generation of temperature sensors. However, the serviceability and reparability of motors fitted with a KTY is assured for the next ten years.

Changeover to new PK (PT1000) temperature sensor
Changeover to new PK (PT1000) temperature sensor

Temperature sensors have become indispensable as thermal protection for motor windings. For this purpose, SEW-EURODRIVE has been using KTY84-130 sensors for both asynchronous and synchronous motors since 2004. They are positioned in a defined location directly in the motor's winding overhang. The measured values are then processed either in the respective frequency inverter or using a separate evaluation instrument.

In February 2015, manufacturer NXP Semiconductors N.V. announced the product phase-out of the KTY sensor, affecting all motor manufacturers throughout the world. SEW-EURODRIVE thus reacted immediately and approved the new PT1000 temperature sensor (product designation PK) as the successor to the KTY.

The changeover is taking place in phases:

  • Integration of the new PT1000 into the affected motors
  • Enhancement of the functionality of all affected SEW-EURODRIVE inverter series to include evaluation of the new PK sensor as part of the new firmware versions.
  • Ensuring delivery capability and serviceability for motors still fitted with KTY sensors through appropriate reordering till 2026

SEW-EURODRIVE has thus successfully ported the non-proprietary temperature detection interface from the KTY84 to the PT1000.

The new PK (PT1000) temperature sensor consists of a platinum semiconductor element with the following characteristics:

  • Component used throughout the world with standardized characteristic curve in accordance with IEC 60751
  • Comparable characteristic curve with KTY
  • Available worldwide from various independent manufacturers
  • Inverter integration through firmware adaptations without changing the hardware

Want to know which of our motors are affected by the changeover? And which of our inverters have the appropriate evaluation electronics, allowing operation using the new PK sensor?

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