Item transport package

Our item transport package allows you to respond to the special challenges involved in transporting different containers in filling plants.

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Item Transport Package
The ideal drive solution for wet areas in bottling plants
The ideal drive solution for wet areas in bottling plants

This package is the perfect drive solution for up to 10 connected belt or chain conveyor segments in the wet areas of bottling plants. The drive components are specifically chosen for plants with high hygienic requirements.

Their decentralized design makes them quick to install. Their pluggable connections ensure that the plant is idle for less time, allowing you to benefit from a higher level of plant availability. A range of innovative control modes have been integrated into the item transport package. They prevent items from tipping and ensure they are conveyed safely.

The optimizations for wet areas meet all hygienic requirements, make cleaning easier and reduce the amount of cleaning agents used.

MOVIGEAR® allows you to implement efficient solutions for chain links, belt and chain conveyor segments. From the innovative Single Line Network Installation (SNI), a decentralized MOVIFIT® FDC-SNI controller controls the individual conveyor segments with one MOVIGEAR® SNI each. This innovative MOVIGEAR® technology combines drives, synchronous motors and all the necessary drive electronics in one product. This drive is the most energy efficient in its class, and allows you to reduce the amount of energy consumed by up to 50%.

Hygienic design, reduced air swirls and lower noise levels make this the perfect solution for sensitive areas.

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Your benefits

  • Savings on energy costs

    of up to 50 % and optimized interfaces.
  • Simplified infrastructure

    because combining power and communication in one cable minimizes installation costs and the risk of error.
  • New control modes

    to optimize startup.
  • Minimum time and effort required

    for cleaning and a subsequent reduction of cleaning and idle times.
  • Hygienic design

    thanks to a smooth surface without cooling fins where dirt could gather.

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