Package for pallet transfer shuttles

These application solutions allow you to plan a pallet transfer shuttle flexibly and efficiently. Predefined concepts and software reduce planning time. The decentralized drive technology speeds up installation and startup. This is the best way to flexibly integrate individual requirements into the concept.

For smooth processes – tested concepts reduce costs and idling time

Package for pallet transfer shuttles
Intelligent solutions for sophisticated intralogistics tasks
Intelligent solutions for sophisticated intralogistics tasks

Pallet transfer shuttles are crucial points of contact for relocating and order-picking goods. SEW­EURODRIVE's application solutions are ideal concepts for maximum throughput and availability. Less maintenance, less idling time – higher reliability.

Our application solution contains all the necessary drive components. All the versions are designed with decentralized technology and contactless energy and communication transfer, as well as numerous added benefits.

Your benefits

  • Using a complete solution

    Because all the components have been optimized and tested for their interaction with each other
  • Simple to install

    Thanks to the decentralized concept and prefabricated cables
  • Simple to start up

    With the predefined application module for pallet transfer shuttles
  • Fast visualization

    The included visualization modules for DOPs make visualizing the system child's play

Variant with shielded WLAN connection

Connected securely

Our version for pallet transfer shuttles with specially shielded WLAN connections offers high security and flexibility. Optimize your intralogistics with this all-in-one system.

Variant with traversable track

Powerful and reliable

The variant for pallet transfer shuttles with traversable tracks offers you a completely flexible all-in-one solution for your intralogistics. This version allows the rail to be lowered into the ground so that forklifts, etc. can cross the track. This way, you can shorten travel distances and make more efficient use of halls.

Variant with traversable track and performance optimization

High performance potential and extremely innovative

With our variant for pallet transfer shuttles with traversable tracks and performance optimization, you can make optimum use of the energy available from braking. An energy storage unit always provides the right amount of energy, but keeps the input power at a minimum. All that with maximum safety and functionality.

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